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Rainbow Association Malkus

The Resource Project


This project aims at enhancing the well-being of spiritual LGBT+ people and LGBT+ people with a religious background through peer support, consultancy, and advocacy work. You can participate in our activities anywhere in Finland.

The project continues the work of the project From Burden to Resource.

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Spirituality as a resource in LGBT+ people’s lives

LGBT+ people can experience that spirituality is an important part of their lives but, at the same time, find it difficult to practice their spirituality. It can be hard to find a spiritual community where you feel comfortable being yourself. A local LGBT+ community might not be supportive of spirituality.

Our project’s aim is that LGBT+ people could find their spirituality more and more a resource. We organise peer support meetings for spiritual LGBT+ people. We also enable peer discussions on the discussion forum of our homepage. Additionally, we offer a possibility to talk with a professional on the phone or online.

We educate actors of organisations supporting LGBT+ people to encounter spiritual LGBT+ people and LGBT+ people with a religious background.

Tule hankkeen vapaaehtoiseksi

Kasvokuva Hanna-Leena Autiosta
Hanna-Leena Autio
Project Manager
050 322 9499
Kasvokuva Maria Vihlmanista
Maria Vihlman
Project Coordinator
050 354 9049

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Diversity as a resource in spiritual communities

Sexual orientation and gender diversity can be a difficult topic for a spiritual community. Some believers wonder how they could support LGBT+ people while preserving their religious views. We in the Resource project are happy to help with these kinds of reflections.

Our aim is not to change the beliefs of spiritual communities. We are instead willing to help the communities, regardless of their beliefs, become as safe as possible for LGBT+ people. We aim at promoting developments that can turn minorities into an asset for a community instead of a burden.

We organise trainings on this topic and also offer a possibility for informal discussions together.